Course Certification

AAR’s course certification program provides our members the assurance that the content of the real estate education classes we offer meets a high standard.

AAR’s Course Certification Curriculum Standards ensure:

  • Course content is relevant to professional real estate practice subject matter. For the purposes of certification, professional real estate practice subject matter is a body of knowledge and/or skill that is essential to licensees’ lawful performance of real estate services and adherence to regulatory policies (public protection). The course provider must specify how the content serves to protect the public and is applicable to the licensee’s professional real estate practice.
  • No obvious content contradicts professional real estate practice.
  • Courses must include a syllabus containing detailed narrative that clearly describes the content.
  • Course outline must include major topics with a number of classroom hours that will be devoted to each major topic (timed outline). A brief topic-only outline will not be sufficient.
  • Course learning objectives must be included and are:
    • Stated in behavioral terms
    • Appropriate for professional real estate education
    • Reflect current real estate practice or methods
    • Do not violate copyright laws and all applicable copyright. (Permission has been obtained for copyrighted material).
    • Correspond to instructional material
  • Student materials will reflect current practice and contain no significant course errors.
  • Teaching methods for delivering the content are appropriate. Methods go beyond standard lecture and should include one of the following: assessments, case studies, role playing activities, simulations, and group exercises.
  • Course must include an evaluation form (covering both content and instructor delivery).
  • Course must have a class monitor with a monitor report submitted to the Certification Review Workgroup. (Did the instructor follow the outline? Were varied teaching methods, as indicated the course submission, used? And any other duties the course provider may need/request.)
  • Certification is for a period of three (3) years.

Look for the AAR Course Certification seal appearing in all certified courses.

To date, the following courses have been certified:

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